Monday, February 25, 2013


Must read: Civil Beat: In the Name of the Law: What the Public Isn’t Being Told About Police Misconduct

by Larry Geller

Here’s a small snip from the story, but everyone should click over and read the whole thing. This is installment 1 of 5.

…Our analysis of HPD summaries found that about once a week on average a Honolulu police officer is suspended or fired for misconduct. Many of these violations include domestic violence, abuse of suspects, lying, falsifying records and even criminal convictions. They are not primarily minor administrative failures or heat-of-the-moment bad decisions as SHOPO suggested.

Nearly 23 percent involve criminal behavior, ranging from what the department has characterized as assault and domestic abuse to fleeing the scenes of accidents. Incidents that involve criminal behavior outnumber administrative lapses, such as failing to turn in a report on time or being away from the radio without authorization.

Since 2000, out of 512 cases, only 12 HPD officers have lost their jobs after disciplinary action. …

[Civil Beat, In the Name of the Law: What the Public Isn’t Being Told About Police Misconduct, 2/25/2013]


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