Saturday, February 23, 2013


Montana lawmaker introduces bill to allow corporations to vote

by Larry Geller

First, it looks like the bill won’t succeed, according to this ThinkProgress aricle. So instead of being outraged, we can afford to be amused. For now, anyway.

The bill had to happen one day anyway, given that so many Republicans agree with Mitt Romney’s “corporations are people, my friend” remark. Such is the state of democracy in our country. [pronounce the word “deh mak ra ‘seeee? with a rising pitch at the end]

Indeed, what a strange country it is that we live in, where several states are openly engaged in efforts to suppress the minority vote, and where a bill can actually be introduced with a straight face to allow corporations to vote. Not content with suppression on a state-by-state basis, the latest scheme calls for a more efficient rigging of the electoral college in favor of Republicans.

So who is the guy who introduced the bill? Montana State Rep. Steve Lavin’s mug shot appears in the ThinkProgress article, and he looks serious enough. Lavin sports no rubber nose or squirting lapel flower. His and the rest of the political tricks are not part of some amusing side show, they have turned into the main event. It appears that the Republicans will do anything and everything to gain and maintain power.  But so might the Democrats if they were in the same situation, no?.

Politicians only need us at present to vote for them. And it appears that Rep. Lavin’s bill was an unabashed attempt to remove that inconvenient dependence.


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