Saturday, January 26, 2013


HR72 defeated—would have immunized county workers for illegal acts against homeless/Occupy

by Larry Geller

(See: Action Alert: Anti-Occupy/Homeless bill to be heard tomorrow, 1/24/2013)

I couldn’t stay for the decision making, but checking the Capitol website later n the day, HR72 is listed as “deferred.” Usually, that means it is dead, but of course, in the malleable system of rules that governs the Hawaii state legislature, one can’t be sure, until the echoes of the final gavel fade away in May, that a bill won’t be resurrected or magically appear in place of another bill that has been gutted.

At the link above you can see testimony from the ACLU, Life of the Land, and several individuals against, along with testimony supporting the bill.

It’s great when people take the trouble to step forward and weigh in during the legislative session. Only a few more months to go (sigh).


Larry, "deferred" certainly does NOT mean dead. It only means the committee did not vote on it yesterday. Water and Land could schedule it again "for decision-making only," and so long as the WAL decision is finalized before the first lateral deadline the bill would continue on to the Judiciary Committee.

Oh, and one more thing, it is a HB, not a HR. A bill, not a resolution. It would become a law, not a policy statement.

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