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Was Obama’s commitment to fight climate change just another lie?

‘Todd Stern and Jonathan Pershing have come to Doha with their needle stuck in the groove of obstructing the U.N. process, an art they have perfected. It is disrespectful of President Obama to inflict on us two negative negotiators who act as if the comments he made after his election were never made. He should either pick up the phone and tell his delegates to follow his lead or alternatively call them back to Washington.’ When I asked Pershing to respond to Naidoo, whether he was following President Obama’s wishes, he replied, ‘No comment.’ Amy Goodman, quoting the executive director of Greenpeace International

by Larry Geller

Amy Goodman is in Doha this week covering the climate change summit. From the interviews broadcast on Democracy Now, it appears that delegates are more interested in setting up a profitable regime of trading carbon credits than in ending global warming. The US delegation in particular has come under criticism (see transcripts of programs posted on the Democracy Now website) for obstructing any possibility of progress.

Sing for the Climate (from Belgium)


Well, to answer the question posed in the headline...."Yes".

Sounds like big protests concerning Obama's lies are needed in Kailua later this month during his visit.

Yes, and then not for Hawaii. We are fighting for our ocean where we get our food. Climate change traditional observation occurs in the ocean and the scientist finally figured it out. France countrymen figured it out when they came to Hawaii in the 1800s. The USA military and their scientist are zoning our ocean for jurisdictions. They call it Food Security as in force. They are removing fishing spots, so that local and indigenous would not be fishing as they have for over 2,000 years. And with respect to mother nature mind you. Unlike foreigners and their statistical number crunchers that don't know what they are studying because they have no experience outside of the buoy source point area of study. And even at the buoy, scientist believe that the fish sticks around the white man's buoy because they are docile in nature.

Plan on protesting on Sat. Dec. 29 th..time to be posted, But of course people can protest anytime on Kaleheo in Kailua during Obama's stay.

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