Sunday, October 07, 2012


No directions on bridge detour? Can it be?

by Larry Geller

The state Department of Transportation is repairing the  Karsten Thot Bridge in Wahiawa. The media reported a traffic mess and numerous complaints when the repairs started in September.

Here we are several weeks later. I received a report that approaching the bridge from Central Oahu there is a “detour” sign in the center lane just before the bridge indicating that the bridge is closed. It doesn’t say whether the detour is to the left or to the right. And along the way, there is no guidance for drivers about where to go.

Can anyone verify if this is always the case?

What will tourists or those not familiar with the area do? Why not have signs with directional arrows?

Could someone who drives the route frequently please comment on whether there is some kind of guidance for drivers?  Thanks.


Why not have the Corp of Engineers lay down patoon bridges, if possible. Why wasn't the work done while school was out in the summer? Such incompetence and poor judgment in the Dept. of Transportation.

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