Thursday, October 11, 2012


Civil Beat’s Chad Blair asks: Should UH Say Aloha To Football?

by Larry Geller

Don’t blast Chad because of my headline. He is a sports fan and is trying to start a discussion over at Civil Beat, which is what they like to do. His headline is provocative and if you care, go over there.

It is a discussion that could go any which way.

Meanwhile, over at the Senate, they may end up killing both UH and UH football. Any more Senate inquisitions and who will want to be president at UH? Who will want to be on the sports staff?

Far more has been spent by the UH administration in fending off the interrogations than the Stevie Wonder blunder cost. Probably nothing will bring back the money scammed from the university. But the Senate could offer to help UH with its organizational issues instead of working to place blame and tear it apart.

No permanent good will come from the Senate Special Committee on Accountability if it stays on its current course. Nothing good for UH academics, and nothing good for UH sports.


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