Saturday, July 07, 2012


Steal yourself a copy of Saturday’s paper

by Larry Geller


David Shapiro’s FlASHback column in the Saturday paper, Inouye plans to become Senate's ageless wonder (Star-Advertiser p. A2, 7/7/2012) is one of his funniest, IMHO. They’re all funny, of course. In this one, David weaves several themes in and out of what you’d think were unrelated events. It felt like the way classical composers reiterate a theme throughout a symphony.

The trouble is, unless you subscribe or borrow or steal a paper somewhere, you can’t read FlASHback because David is locked up behind the paper’s firewall. Readers around the world are deprived of his insight and sharp wit.

When the New York Times first erected a firewall they also locked everyone out.. A consequence was that their prestigious writers could not be read. That was not ok with many of them. The New York Times tried again, and left enough loopholes in the current firewall that if Google found you an article, you would be able to read it.

Not so the Star-Advertiser. David’s column is one of the reasons I subscribe. I think Honolulu would be a better place if all of us had a chance to read FlASHback and everything else David composes for our benefit.


And if no one purchased the Star-Advertiser, how do you propose Mr. Shapiro, whom you value so highly, would get paid?

You can steal it from your spouse, parents, wherever. Steal responsibly.

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