Thursday, July 26, 2012


High tech tax credit a concern, but what about the beverage container tax credit?

by Larry Geller

Snip from the July 25, 2012 front page of the Star-Advertiser:

Tax credit

True, our state lawmakers seem mesmerized by high tech. Or rather, they seem to swallow high-tech Kool-Aid a bit too often. I’m still waiting for the arrival of a spaceport here. And for a stock exchange. And they pass laws favoring big business with far too much secrecy.

There’s another tax that could benefit from an audit—the state beverage tax.

If an auditor would visit a recycling center, I think she’d discover that the bottles are not checked too carefully. I’ve seen them weighed. The problem is, the bag likely contains all sorts of bottles that are not qualified for the tax refund.

Weighing doesn’t work. But then the recycler gets reimbursed, from our tax money. Is it a case of just making up some numbers on a claim form? Who’s checking before writing them a check?

So how much waste is involved in the process of reimbursing the beverage bottle tax?

Heck, it’s only taxpayer money. Like the high-tech tax credit. One mystery after another, at our expense.

Bring on the audits, say I, knowledge is the first step to a fix.


I think the high tech bamboozle gets more attention because the word BILLION is involved. We don't care about those manini million dollar scams any more.

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