Sunday, July 15, 2012


Faulty paywall annoys

by Larry Geller

I’m working on an article about something that appeared in today’s Star-Advertiser, so I went to fetch the text from their web page. I’m logged in, no problem there. But it doesn’t want to show me the article.

Logged in or not logged in, that is the question

See, it confirms at the top that I’m logged in. But the article is cut off with a banner asking me to log in.

I’ll try again and I’m sure it will [eventually] work.

But dear editors: I had no trouble quoting the Wall Street Journal earlier today and the New York Times also has a paywall but one can read the articles. According to reports, both papers are happy with their paywalls, and it seems readers are, also.

Why demonstrate that we are still in the dark ages technologically speaking, here in Hawaii? Please find a 13-year-old kid who can fix your website.

And locking away David Shapiro not only does injustice to an author who should be read by everyone, but is probably punishable in the afterlife.

Consider the damage you do to Hawaii by not allowing the world to read about what we are doing, what we achieve, and what a great place this is to live and to visit.


Like! This used to happen to me (I am a subscriber, but sometimes the website didn't recognize me). But it hasn't happened lately... It does seem too silly, and fixable. Why can't the Star Advertiser get it right?

If I was a paranoid I would think they want the IT department to get a set of logins to particular stories that can be "crossed checked" with any inflammatory or politically incorrect comments made under an alias or anonymous signature. In other words, the IP addresses of the subscriber and the commenter would match and reveal our true identities. gnaw, too sneeeeeeky. HA

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