Monday, July 30, 2012


Dismissed case leaves Thai workers feeling that there is no justice for them

‘The poor, no matter how loudly they speak, no one hears them. No one listens to them because they are viewed as unimportant…’ ‘There is no question this means other companies will continue to do the same thing,’ and trap others in slavery.

by Larry Geller

Today would have been the final pre-trial hearing in the now-dismissed Global Horizons human trafficking case, billed as the largest such case in US history. I still have it on my calendar for 1:30 p.m. today.  Of course, now it isn’t going to happen.


‘Slavery’ case dismissal frustrates Utah ‘victims’

Human trafficking » Case dismissed after federal prosecutor missteps, but Utah workers say they were enslaved.

The two Thais are strong men, but they wept Monday. One even abruptly jumped up from an interview table, darted into a corner, and buried his face there to hide and wipe tears that embarrassed him.

The Thais in Utah thought they helped break that case against labor-recruiting company Global Horizons, and mistakenly believed that it would lead to prison terms for company officials they view as slave masters.

[Salt Lake Tribune, ‘Slavery’ case dismissal frustrates Utah ‘victims’, 7/30/2012]


Please check out the complete story at the link above.


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