Monday, June 25, 2012


Governor Abercrombie transmits list of potential vetoes to Legislature

by Larry Geller

Governor Neil Abercrombie has transmitted his list of potential vetoes to the Legislature, as required by law. He has until July 10 to either veto them or allow them to become law with or without his signature.

The list of 19 bills is posted on the Capitol website as a Governor’s Message, GM1253. Click the link to see if your favorite bill is on the list or not.

The Governor’s Message does not contain reasons for his decision to list these bills. In each case he writes that the particular bill “is unacceptable to the Governor of the State of Hawaii” in the form of a proclamation.

But on the Governor’s website, he does have a paragraph of explanation for each bill. See press release: Governor Sends Notice of Intent to Veto 19 Bills (6/25/2012)

It would be very unlikely that the Legislature would override any of Democratic Governor Abercrombie’s vetoes, but one could be surprised.


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