Friday, June 22, 2012


Convicted murderer sues state over severe beating while in protective custody awaiting trial

by Larry Geller

Corbit Ahn, found guilty of second-degree murder and third-degree sexual assault in April and now awaiting sentencing, has sued the State of Hawaii and the Department of Public Safety over a severe beating he suffered at the hands of guards and other inmates while in protective custody at OCCC.

The beating took place on June 19, 2010 and was reported in the media at the time (see Accused murderer Corbit Ahn severely beaten in prison (KHON, 6/20/2010) and New details in Corbit Ahn prison beating (KHON, 7/1/2010).

From the complaint filed by Ahn’s attorney Donald L. Wilkerson on June 18, 2012:

10.    On or about June 19, 2010, three (3) unidentified Adult Corrections Officers (hereinafter "ACO") removed Plaintiff AHN to the third floor of the SHU [Special Holding Unit].

11.    Upon information and belief, the third floor of the SHU was vacant, contained no inmates, and was unguarded.

12.    Upon information and belief, this third floor unit contained approximately 12 cells.

13.    Plaintiff AHN was placed in the most remote cell within the unit, and was left there with the cell door open.

14.    Immediately, the OCCC ACO's played very loud music within the SHU to muffle any screams for help. The OCCC ACO's then ordered 10-12 other inmates into Plaintiff AHN's cell. Those inmates were ordered by OCCC ACO's to attack and beat Plaintiff AHN.

15.    The inmates entered the cell and brutally and viciously attacked, beat and assaulted Plaintiff AHN by punching, kicking, gouging, choking, head-butting, stomping, and otherwise beating and/or striking Plaintiff AHN on his head, torso and extremities.

16.    Plaintiff AHN made numerous and repeated pleas for the beating to cease. Despite his pleas, the vicious assault continued and Plaintiff AHN was severely beaten unconscious.

17.    Following the vicious attack, Plaintiff AI IN was left for dead. Several hours later Plaintiff AHN was removed from the third floor and taken by ambulance to the Queen's Medical Center Emergency Room.

(Hat tip to Courthouse News Service for posting the complaint)


Am I missing something here? Are you saying that the OCCC was probably responsible for the beating of an inmate? Or that this complaint was file 2 years after the incident?

Yes, the complaint was just filed. On the other hand, perhaps it would not have worked for Ahn to file a complaint before his trial. Just guessing.

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