Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Hawaii legislature uses subterfuge to pass secret amendment into (bad) law

by Larry Geller

Do you think that the Hawaii State Legislature is a democratic institution? This video may convince you otherwise.

What you’ll be seeing is secret law being passed. The Senate Water, Land & Housing Committee Chair slides  a proposed amendment into HB2398 that no one has seen. And the result has stolen away the people’s power.

The bill creates a Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC) that is exempt from all permitting and zoning requirements. It gives the Governor power to transfer land to the PLDC with no public input.

It’s so bad, of course they had to do it in secret.

Check out this video. Click the little thingy at the lower right for full screen.

And there is still the requirement of the state constitution that a bill must be heard three times in each house. One day, some public-spirited attorney might challenge this, and if successful, potentially wipe out a whole bunch of state laws.


This has to be turned around. This cannot stand unchallenged in this state of Hawaii.
I believe there has been a wait and see going on with lawless piece of crap for a long time.
I am glad to see how reps voted no the bill itself. Actually I just donʻt understand any of it. What just happened?

5/1/2012 H Passed Final Reading as amended in SD 1 with Representative(s) Coffman, Johanson, McKelvey voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Awana, Belatti, Ching, Choy, Fontaine, Giugni, Hanohano, Jordan, Keith-Agaran, C. Lee, Luke, Marumoto, Morikawa, Nishimoto, Riviere, Saiki, Souki, Takai, Takumi, Thielen, Ward, Wooley voting no (22) and none excused (0).

The Hawaii Legislature year after year demonstrate the lack of integrity and transparancy of the Democratic Party...No wonder people don't vote, children aren't educated, seniors feel that they aren't heard, and the aina is violated by unneeded construction projects.

What is wrong with our representative for the people...this is totally wrong and needs to be undone and challenged to the full extent of the law.

Unfortunately, this same type of subterfuge happens constantly at all levels of government -- federal, State, and local. It even happens with my condo. board. We are all lambs ready for slaughter, except for the chosen ones who rip us off left and right to improve their own personal finances and positions. And we keep electing the same people.

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