Thursday, April 26, 2012


Molokai Kaunakakai Harbor exclusion zone open for comment

The protesters, individuals from a mostly rural island, claim they had not been consulted on the tourist draw.

by Larry Geller

I think something’s backwards in this report:

A U.S. Coast Guard temporary security zone to protect protesters from Hawaii's Safari Explorer yacht cruise is ending, and the USCG seeks input on how the rule may be improved.

[Courthouse News Service, USCG Reviewing Safari Explorer Yacht Rules, 4/26/2012]

The zone was to protect the cruise ship from the protesters, not the other way around.

The article reports that there is a second comment period on the interim rule, and includes a link to a document with the regulations.


UPDATE: 200+ People Attend Molokai Cruise Ship Meeting (, 12/1/2011) and linked articles


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