Monday, April 30, 2012


Hale Kipa group home accused of negligence leading to death of a cab driver

by Larry Geller

Courthouse News Service reporter Purna Nemani documents accusations of negligence against the Hale Kipa group home that should raise concerns of state supervision of the facility. While the lawsuit has yet to be tried in court, the details described in the article have clear implications of lax supervision of the facility.

The family of a taxicab driver claims two teen-age boys beat him to death in a drunken spree made possible by the negligence of the state-funded group home that housed the boys.

The Estate of Charlys Tang sued the nonprofit Hale Kipa group home, Kilani Derego and Michael Robles, who were convicted of killing the cab driver.

Tang's family claims Hale Kipa turned a blind eye to the boys' behavior that led to Tang's death

[Courthouse News Service, Lax Group Home Blamed for Killing, 4/30/2012]

According to the report, Hale Kipa staff tolerated violations of curfew and conditions of parole that enabled the two residents to get drunk at Ala Moana park and to assault and kill cab driver Tang. The article details accusations of negligence on the part of Hale Kipa supervisors including failure to call police when appropriate. Even when the staff recognized the two residents in police sketches on TV, they delayed calling HPD until the wee hours of the next day, according to the accusation.


Hey, we didn't even know it was them until the next day. I saw the sketches, it didn't even look like them. I lived with these two for months. I still don't believe they did it.
And the program is strict. Some of us just chose not the listen. Thanks to this kind of one-sided publicity, Hale Kipa is shutting down and one of my best friends is out of a home. And some really good people are out of a job.

i currently live in a hale kipa home and i feel that not everybody should suffer because of the mistakes of 2. if this program shuts down you are basically putting pregnant mothers and babies out on the streets. the actions of two people shouldnt reflect the morals of hale kipa staff and their residents. its this narrow minded thinking that will raise the homeless population and put many people out of jobs.

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