Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Governor Abercrombie’s Freudian slip (?) on OHA deal

by Larry Geller

This is too good to pass up…

Freudian Slip

In a few moments, a new day will brake for Hawaiians.

brake: (verb) to slow or stop by means of or as if by means of a brake.

Ok, it’s not that great, and the gov probably doesn’t do his own tweeting, but still… worth noticing.

In 50-100 years the trash dump that OHA gets from this “new day” will be damp and sloshing with water as sea levels rise—the whole peninsula is quite low and flat. Well, perhaps they’ll build a sea wall or something. Or they could buy some gondolas.

Besides, it looks like it will take an investment and time to make the coastline area habitable at all, during which it produces only expense, no income.

So yeah, “brake” is not a bad choice of words.


This will mark the second dump site that Colette Machado has received for come she doesn't agree to receiving real estate without crap like unexploded ordinance, or capped waste sites???

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