Monday, March 12, 2012


Police looking for help in child finger case, but why delay so long?

by Larry Geller

Where were you on February 12?  That was a month ago, who can remember?

Breaking news today is that fingers identified as those of a child were found in a dumpster at Kukui Gardens in Honolulu. The police are asking for help to learn what happened and the identity of the child.

I wonder why it took a month for this to get out? That can’t help in solving the case.

The police wouldn’t say how many fingers were found. That info could help identify a potential victim. Why is that info withheld?


It probably took so long because the ʻdetectivesʻ couldnʻt detect anything and as usual need the public to solve crimes for them.

This one isn't easy, let's give them that. Quite possibly no one saw who put a little plastic bag into the dumpster.

My beef is that by the time the word got out, who could remember what day they saw what, and what the person looked like?

At least, if a child is spotted without fingers, the public is encouraged to report. This morning's paper says there is a $1000 reward if reported to Crimestoppers. I think that's only if it leads to prosecution, not sure.

Speaking of delays, the Child Welfare Services audit was due 20 days before the beginning of the 2011 legislative session. It's still not published. Interestingly, there were only a few reports published in all of 2011, when the previous years had 11 reports published per year. So far, there's only 1 report in 2012.

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