Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This just in: Occupy far from dead as commercial media would like you to think

by Larry Geller

Tweets are flying today about Occupy actions in various locations around the country (and some in Europe).

Yes, it’s cold on the Mainland, and it’s tough to stay outdoors. Plus, police have recently mounted concerted efforts to take advantage of the weather and clear out Occupy encampments. So your daily paper may want you to conclude that Occupy is over.

It hasn’t worked, though, as anyone watching events on Twitter will know. Occupy is still there, and maybe the evictions are simply part of the evolution of the movement. It was never 100% outdoors anyway (maybe 99%?).

These tweets came in within the past hour. Some describe the same event, some are just, well, tweets. And I don’t follow even a small fraction of the localities.

Again, I set an arbitrary limit of one hour. You can see the time-stamps at the right of each tweet.

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Tweet 3

Tweet 4

Tweet 5

Tweet 6

Tweet 7

Tweet 8

Twitter 9

Twitter 10

Twitter 11

Twitter 12

Twitter 13

Twitter 14

Twitter 15

Twitter 16

… and more are still coming in.

On Twitter, it’s always “This just in.”


Right now Code Pinkers are on their way to Wash. D.C. to OCCUPY AIPAC

50 Occupiers protested at Helco, in Hilo, yesterday. Mahalo Hilo!

God bless these folks.

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