Saturday, February 11, 2012


Need your calls or emails to get these good government bills heard

by Larry Geller

You folks out in Disappeared News readerland were very effective in driving a stake through the heart of that zombie bill that would have damaged public access television. I haven’t had a chance to write about that, but through phone calls and emails, the evil bill has been killed dead again. May it stay that way.

Now here’s something positive you can help with.  There are a number of campaign finance bills that deserve a hearing. Of course, legislators may not want their cookie jars taken away, but these are all good government bills that I hope you agree we should support.

Unless there is great pressure, these bills will go into that giant septic tank under the State Capitol.

Clayton HeeThe list is below. Could you please call or email Senator Clayton Hee and ask that these bills be heard? Do so right away, since a crossover deadline is looming and time is short. His phone number is 586-7330 and his email is .  If you’re shy, call in the evening and just leave a message, but please call. Ask that these bill number be heard by his committee.

Together we can make it happen!

SB2989 - Improves the publicly-funded elections pilot program (Referral: JDL/PGM, WAM)

SB2954 - Increases disclosure for lobbying (Referral: JDL, WAM)

SB2953 and SB2552 - Improves transparency for independent expenditures in campaigns (Both referred to: JDL)

SB2561 - Prohibits campaign fundraisers during the legislative session (Referral: JDL)


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