Thursday, February 16, 2012


HPD destroys cannibis, but the church wants it back anyway, takes case to the 9th circuit

by Larry Geller

This case is different, and the article is well written. Check it out even if you don’t usually read legal cases.

Church Takes Cannabis Claims to the 9th Circuit (Courthouse News Service, 2/16/2012)

There’s no prosecution against the church, which said it uses the pot in its religious activities. It wasn’t seized from them, either. FedEx gave the package to the DEA which gave it to HPD which destroyed it (really? by, um, slow burning?). So shouldn’t the church get it back, or monetary damages? (Side question: just what was FedEx doing looking into their package?)

Judge Susan Oki Mollway rejected the plaintiff’s claims, and so this perhaps unlikely case has gone before the appeals court.


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