Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Hawaii campaign spending restrictions go to the judge in federal court

by Larry Geller

Quick summary: Yesterday the case of A-1 Lectrician was argued to its conclusion in federal court before judge J. Michael Seabright. Both sides engaged in detailed back-and-forth debate with Judge Seabright so fast that the court reporter had trouble keeping up.

This case involves contributions which plaintiffs wanted to make above the limits set by Hawaii’s campaign spending laws. Plaintiffs noted that they are not making a facial challenge to the laws, that is, the case involves the ability of these particular plaintiffs to make their contributions.

Probably the effect will be the same: anyone else willing to contribute above the limits of current law will be able to do so, if the judge agrees.

Judge Seabright took the case under advisement and did not say when he will issue his order.


Thanks Larry..just wanted to let you know you are now a reference on the Wikipedia page for Political Action Committee

Glad you are following and publishing..other wise I would not have caught fact this case went before Seabright on Tuesday.

I will call commission tomorrow and try and get the motions.

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