Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Bill to exempt county councils from Sunshine Law deferred

by Larry Geller

The House Judiciary Committee today deferred HB2742, the bill that would have exempted county councils from the Sunshine Law.

I was attending a court martial today and could not be at the hearing, but I’m pretty sure that the publicity the bill received from Common Cause tweets, Ian Lind, Civil Beat, this blog and possibly elsewhere helped raise public awareness.

And thanks to all the Disappeared News readers who called, emailed or sent testimony.  You did, didn’t you? That’s want it takes.

Now, the bill is “deferred” which normally means “dead,” but these days we have to be vigilant. Until the final gavel is struck, you never know.


Thanks for the good news.

Larry, I think it was on The Conversation (HPR radio show) yesterday which gave you and Ian credit for bringing this to the public's attention. "Bloggers, Ian Lind and Larry Geller.")Thank you!

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