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Donation drive - Disappeared News

Evolution happens
LinkDisappeared News has been around since 2005. It's still here, but my trusty HP computer gave up blogging on the last day of 2011, just a few hours short of the New Year. It was a spectacular end, as these things go, with fireworks on the screen indicating that the graphic circuits had given up at last.

I swore I would never buy another HP computer, given our experiences. But last Monday Disappeared News went shopping, and we have a brand new -- HP computer.

I've never asked for donations, but this time I hope that readers will assist. Between the computer, some necessary new software, and hosting services, it is a bit of a strain on the budget right now.

So here is a donate button. I'd love it if enough support came in before the credit card bill comes due later this month. Any amount you'd care to donate is very welcome and will help. The PayPal button below takes credit cards.

If you are not fond of PayPal, or if it doesn't work, please email donate [at] for other possibilities.

What have we accomplished with that old computer?
... and lots more.

The computer supports a special needs parents email list and a couple of websites besides Disappeared News.

Please consider a modest donation.
And thank you!

P.S. Donations intended to support Henry Curtis' fine work should be made through his own website, Life of the Land Hawaii.


keep up the good work, Larry!

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