Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Being telemarketed more and enjoying it less? Do Not Call Registry usefulness declines rapidly

by Larry Geller

So you’re finally annoyed enough to go register at the national Do Not Call Registry. There, you’ve done something to stop the calls.

But they continue. How come?

The FTC 2011 Do Not Call Registry Databook has the answer: The number of telemarketers paying for access to the database is plummeting from 6k to 3k since 2007, according to this article, which includes a copy of the Databook you can peruse.

Do Not Call usage declines

So fewer telemarketers are looking up your number. They just call. Of course, this assumes that the number of telemarketers today is not half of the number in 2007.

If fewer telemarketers are accessing the database, you’d think complaints would be on the rise. They are.

Over 11 million complaints since 2003
Over 2 million complaints this fiscal year

Complaints are up

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