Thursday, November 10, 2011


Star-Advertiser shows it can be a real newspaper

by Larry Geller

Don’t miss today’s Star-Advertiser. It’s looking good. Like a real newspaper should. Good layout, focused stories, clearly the product of careful attention to content and production.

There are no predatory double-full-page quack ads to deceive readers. No full-page ads to push gold coins. No ads trying to cheat readers out of their gold.

The paper reported recently that prostitution in Waikiki is not as much of a problem as was expected. For its part, neither the front page nor the sports section has been prostituted for a half-page wraparound ad.

APEC delegates may want to try out the $14,300 golf cart pictured in the Today section. At least they’ll find that model attractive. The one leaning on the golf cart also, probably

Today’s paper was delivered to my door along with a copy of the China Daily.

Lookin’ good, Star-Advertiser. Really. Now, if only we got the same quality every day.

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I get the electronic edition, and I was impressed with the APEC coverage. The paper has really stepped up to the plate for this.


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