Saturday, October 15, 2011


Legislative Tourism

With the great economic powers of Asia about to converge on Honolulu in November as part of APEC 2011, several members of the House fly to Taiwan to discuss economics.

Calvin Say and Representatives Karen Awana, Tom Brower, Sharon Har, Ken Ito, John Mizuno, James Tokioka, Clift Tsuji, Gene Ward and Kyle Yamashita will be guests of the  Taiwanese government.


"Legislative Tourism", brilliant headline. Ha..ha..ha..

What are they flying there for?
What can they possibly hope to accomplish?
This doesnʻt seem proper.
It can only result in an indebtedness to grant Taiwan whatever it is they want.
Recently Tokioka was asked to be a ʻʻʻʻrepresentativeʻʻʻʻ of people seeking to get information on something regarding the utility company and if it had not been for his secretary writing his responses, there would have been no action. It resulted in no action anyway but he was given the chance to at least act like there was some official business at hand, other than the ʻcatering businessʻ.

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