Friday, September 16, 2011


Commission does the right thing, postpones meeting

by Larry Geller

Just as an example, I posted a commission meeting agenda yesterday that was so bare bones that it didn’t appear to constitute proper public notice. I didn’t identify the commission because I felt that perhaps they were just unfamiliar with the requirements of the Sunshine Law.

I learned today that the meeting has been postponed. Most likely it will be re-noticed with a better agenda.

I still won’t identify them, but it’s refreshing that the chair is sensitive to the requirements and will do the right thing.

Now, if only boards and commissions were required to demonstrate familiarity with the laws that apply to them. In today’s information age, it could be done largely by watching videos and completing questionnaires. Or some other way that would not be burdensome on a badly underfunded Office of Information Practices.

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