Thursday, September 29, 2011


Breaking in Japan: Fukushima No. 4 reactor on fire after quake, West Coast milk is hot, sea doesn’t dilute radiation as much as had been expected by some

by Larry Geller

milkThree developing stories this evening around radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plants.  I’ll give you the links.

Cesium nearly doubles over past month in Bay Area milk — Now well above EPA’s maximum contaminant level (enenews, 9/29/2011)

As you read this, keep in mind that almost all milk consumed on Oahu comes from the Mainland—traveling to Hawaii unrefrigerated, by the way—but also important, unlabeled as to whether it has been inspected for radioactive contaminants.

This next article reflects some other reports on the Web and in tweets, but has not hit the mainstream yet, and is hard to verify:

Report: Reactor No. 4 on fire after quake? (PHOTOS & VIDEO) (enenews, 9/29/2011) and also Breaking News: Reactor 4 on fire (Fukushima-diary, 9/29/2011).

In other news, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has agreed to incinerate some of the debris from the earthquake/tsunami since the area affected doesn’t have the capacity to deal with the volume of waste. But wait a moment… will they accept radioactive waste?

It appears they have already dumped radioactive ashes from incineration into Tokyo Bay. And it is reported that they did this without telling anyone.

Finally, it seems that radioactive contaminants dumped into the ocean at Fukushima will not dilute down to insignificance as many have claimed. Currents and eddies are keeping the bad stuff concentrated.

Off the coast, the early results indicate that very large amounts of radioactive materials were released, and may still be leaking, and that rather than being spread through the whole ocean, currents are keeping a lot of the material concentrated.

[New York Times, Fukushima’s Contamination Produces Some Surprises at Sea, 9/28/2011]

Not to be alarmist: the radioactive substances attributable to Fukushima have still been diluted, but not as much as has been promulgated. The study is not yet complete.

These stories should develop overnight as the Western media plow through the Japanese-language reports.

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Don't worry, I heard Fox News nuclear expert Ann Coulter say that radiation is good for you.

Maybe the mother load of new cancer diagnoses that will come with these events will usher in national health care????

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