Friday, August 19, 2011


Time to support Life of the Land as they fight for us

by Larry Geller

Hawaii’s energy costs continue to skyrocket, and new schemes paradoxically offer to raise, not lower ratepayers’ monthly tab. We need people on our side to keep costs down and make sure we move smoothly toward sensible renewable energy sources.

I’m grateful that Henry Curtis (Executive Director of Life of the Land) shares his energy articles here on Disappeared News. He’s definitely on our side.

Henry is often the only one speaking up for us consumers at the Public Utility Commission and elsewhere. He always stands for the public interest, and he is an expert in his field. Even more important—he knows how to navigate the arcane world of tariffs and the complicate proceedings that are involved in formulating Hawaii’s energy policy.

It isn’t easy, and we all benefit from his expertise.

Life of the Land depends on our donations to continue its work. Please consider supporting Life of the Land.

There’s a short, cool video here, and LOL has a donation page here. Read all about them at their main web page, here.

LOL Appeal


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