Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Extra…extra… read all about it… “swee-eeeet!” … what??

by Larry Geller

It’s a good thing, perhaps, that the Star-Advertiser has taken itself off the Internet. This way, APEC 2011 delegates googling for info on Hawaii will not learn that the hottest news on Star-Advertiser 8/10/2011Wednesday, August 10, 2011 is that a few people have gotten a few bucks off of their automobile registration. The government couldn’t reprogram its computers fast enough to charge the new rates required to be in effect by July 1.

Oh, and the word “sweet” can be pronounced “swee-eeeet”. This was repeated three times in the story that took up most of the newspaper’s front page—four times if you include the photo caption..

Was nothing else of importance happening here?  Nothing in the world we need to know about? HSTA? Wisconsin recalls? Rioting in London? Syria? Bahrain? Egypt? Starvation in Somalia?


Related: check out Can’t connect with Civil Beat’s comment structure (, 8/10/2011), a current, serious discussion of the Star-Advertiser’s upstart competitor, Civil Beat (with mention in the very civil comments also of Hawaii Reporter).


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