Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Courthouse News Service: staff member allegedly involved in Hawaii Center for Deaf and Blind sexual abuses

For many years, the school has had a problem with certain students, some of whom called themselves the "Ringleaders," who on an ongoing basis, bullied, terrorized, assaulted, robbed, sodomized, raped, anally raped, gang raped, and/or sexually attacked students who were younger and smaller, including Plaintiff John Doe.from the Complaint 
by Larry Geller

Update: This article has been updated with a copy of the complaint in full. If you would like a complete picture of the allegations, scroll through the document.

Although earlier reports stated that no adults were suspects in the alleged sex assaults at the Hawaii Center for the Deaf and Blind, an article posted by Courthouse News Service contradicts this.

No adults are suspects, but parents say the problem was ignored to a reckless and negligent extent.

[KHON, Victims: DOE knew about school rapes years before police, 8/5/2011]

The mother, Jane Doe, claims that the "defendants had actual or constructive knowledge of what was going on."

     She adds: [school counselor] "Scott O'Neal himself engaged in inappropriate and questionable activities with students at the school, including having them stay with him overnight.

[Courthouse News Service, Sex Ring Alleged at Deaf & Blind School, 8/15/2011]

The article details shocking and long-term gang activities that persisted at the school even though school and Department of Education officials allegedly were aware of them.

"The Ringleaders coerced students into doing what the Ringleaders wanted by threats of violence and sexual attack, including sodomy and rape.

     "Under coercion by the Ringleaders, John Doe was forced to surrender to them various items of property, including clothing and video games.

     "The Ringleaders threatened that if John Doe did not provide them with what they wanted, he would be harmed and sexually assaulted.

     "At times when John Doe had nothing to provide the Ringleaders, they proceeded to fulfill their threats and engaged in sexual acts with John Doe, including on school property.

cv 11-1-1712-08 OCR Doe v. State of Hawaii et al – Note: OCR, may contain errors

OCR copy – text may contain errors. Do not rely on this copy.



I feel ill when I read of such abuse to helpless individuals. The abusers are deserving of the States highest punishment. Where is the oversight?

If it is true that the DOE was made aware of these crimes years ago then I say that is what prisons are built for. It would be ironic for these adults to be placed in a cell with a 6'5" brut. I'm afraid the DOE will just deal with their incompetent staff the same way they deal with incompetent teachers and school administrators. They will all get a promotion.

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