Thursday, June 23, 2011


There is no “no-fly zone” blackout for foreign press about potential for disaster at Fort Calhoun or Cooper nuclear sites

by Larry Geller

While the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission buries its head in the sand bars, the plight of the Calhoun nuclear reactor that is threatened by flooding and could become the next Fukushima is at last getting some traction in the media:


There has been little coverage in the US up till now except in the alternative media. This snip is from an Italian article (Google translation of, Nuclear: 2 U.S. submerged plants from Missouri. At Fort Calhoun is an emergency level 4, 6/23/2011) :


Yes, there is a no-fly zone in the USA. Yes, it has kept journalists away. In this country. The outside world seems to be paying attention.

Of course, we hope that there will not be a disaster of any magnitude. How bad could it get?

Look at this—a website says it can do a simulation:



And where is this website?  In Egypt (!).

Egyptian site

Will we be surprised to read one day about Fukushima, USA in our morning paper? Should Obama continue to push for new nuclear plants?

I think the Egyptians might have a few words for us about our folly. Tags: , , ,


Holy Cow!

You took the words right out of my mouth. 'Cept the word I had in mind had 4 letters.

I agree with the media blackout as well as the no fly zone. It makes no sense to excite the natives when huge campaign donations are at stake. Being on the cusp of a disaster is not the same as being in the middle of a disaster. Besides everyone knows the biggest threat to a nuclear plant is fire and a flood would put a quick end to that. The upside is if the pools which are filled with highly radioactive spent fuel rods are flooded and the radioactive water begins to pour into the river everyone down stream will be exposed to low levels of radiation which according to Ann Coulter is good for you.

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