Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Google’s answer to Facebook is looking good so far

Big picture take-away: Google has built an attractive, intuitive, intelligent service that's fun to use and speaks to a deep human need for contextual integrity of communication. There is not just public/private, life is more complex than that. This need, unmet by almost any other social network today, is where Google is aiming to win the hearts of users. The app the company built towards that aim is smooth and pleasing to use.

by Larry Geller

The pull-quote above is from Marshall Kirkpatrick’s article First Night With Google Plus: This is Very Cool (ReadWrite Web, 6/28/2011). Kirkpatrick explains the core functionality, Circles, that make this app the anti-Facebook.

Can it succeed? Who knows. Instead of rehashing the details here. why don’t you click over and read his article.

Another good one is Google Launches Google+ To Battle Facebook (Mashable.com, 6/28/2011).

Check these out for a good tour of this interesting new product.


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