Saturday, June 25, 2011


Down to the wire on your right to appeal health care denials in Hawaii

by Larry Geller

On Monday the Governor issues his list of possible vetoes. Any bill not on his list will become law, either with or without his signature.

SB1274 ought to be on his list. If it’s not, there will no longer be a right to appeal health insurance denials to the Insurance Commission in Hawaii. The Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities will be gutted.

The bill is an administration bill. It will take a groundswell of opposition to kill it.

Have you called the Governor’s office yet? 586-0034. I would normally give their fax number also, but when I asked if they got my fax they said they didn’t, so I don’t know what’s going on there. When you call, ask that your message be given to the Governor to put SB1274 on his veto list.

Aside from the danger to life and limb to patients needing expensive treatment (and isn’t that what health insurance is supposed to cover?), passage of that bill will bring windfall profits to the insurance companies. Every time they deny a treatment, procedure or medication, they make money.

So please call 586-0034 and leave a message.

Thank you!


It's been said the bill was written by help from the insurance companies? It's no wonder people have become so apathetic.

If the insurance companies have the Governor in their pocket we won't stand a chance. I voted for him and hope not to regret it.

So this bill makes the health insurance companies the judge, jury and executioner. Good grief!!!

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