Thursday, June 23, 2011


‘Big Wind’ blowing ill on Molokai

After much equivocating, a representative of Pattern Energy said, “If the community doesn’t support this it will not happen.” This answer was met with boisterous applause

If there was any doubt whether or not Molokai residents want to be part of the largest wind power development in Hawaii history, last night’s meeting at the Mitchell Pau’ole Center was pretty conclusive: NOT!

The meeting was the second of three meetings this week organized by Pattern Energy and Biological Capital, which have recently formed the exploratory group Molokai Renewables LLC to study the feasibility of bringing a 200-megawatt wind turbine generating project to Molokai.

[Molokai News, Message to Pattern Energy: ‘No Big Wind on Molokai!’, 6/23/2011]

I can’t find a way to snip this long and detailed article and keep the sense of it. Please click the link and read it on the Molokai News website.


I cannot believe it! Those are the exact words spit out to the Kauai community regarding KIUCʻs secret back room signing of MOA to contract with Free Flow Power and invoking FERC.
Iʻm sorry I havenʻt read this full article. I donʻt know if they are also using FERC.
I say good luck if they stick to their word. But with KIUC, they arenʻt going to bend, itʻs their way or the highway, regardless of “If the community doesn’t support this it will not happen.”

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