Thursday, May 26, 2011


Listen to Free Speech Radio News program on Hawaii

by Larry Geller

Free Speech Radio News taps local reporters around the world to report on the news around them. Who better to say what’s happening than a person right there on the ground?

They’ve already posted their Memorial Day program. It’s about Hawaii.

Radio and web listeners around the country and around the world (114 stations plus shortwave) will learn the difference between "Hawaii" and "Hawaiian" as well as a history of Hawaii that they won’t learn about from tourist literature.

Since FSRN allows reproduction of their content with attribution, instead of a snip, here’s their entire article. You can click here to go to their web page instead.

Newscast for Monday, May 30, 2011

Listen here:


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This Memorial Day FSRN re-visits "In Memorium" a documentary on the history of Hawai'i that is little-known by most people in the United States.

Located 25-hundred miles west of the California coast, Hawai'i became known as the 50th state in 1959. Hawai'i is also home to the largest US military command center and to massive tourism and real estate development industries. But native Hawaiians are largely excluded from the material benefits enjoyed by the industries that have taken over huge swathes of the island chain.

It's a situation that didn't happen overnight...but it's a history that isn't often taught in American classrooms.

Join us today as FSRN's Anne Keala Kelly brings us "In Memorium" and walks us through the history of Hawai'i and what the act of remembering means for many Hawaiians.

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Free Speech Radio News features a daily (weekday) news program you may enjoy listening to on your MP3 player. Click here for their website. They also need our support to continue their fine work.

(Disclosure: I occasionally report for FSRN.)

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Excellent! Thanks so much for finally, finally, finally getting something out about the truth of Hawai'i's beligerant occupation - something incomprehensibly overlooked by the American left and progressives.

The overthrow and occupation has been so successful that it has become normalized, as I think you know, since you visit here. It is hard to see how a sovereignty movement could be successful. But of course we could all be surprised. Getting the word out is certainly helpful. And as to hope, look at the Middle-East today. Hope is powerful when it gets a foothold. Tunesia-Egypt...Yemen-Hawaii?

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