Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Japan reportedly adopts censorship policy to control info on Fukushima disaster

by Larry Geller

SNA (Tokyo) -- With little fanfare or media attention, the cabinet of Naoto Kan resolved on April 1 to adopt a policy authorizing the National Police Agency and Prosecutor’s Office to track down “harmful gossip” on the internet and expose the authors without having to seek a judicial order or specific permission from political authorities.

The measure comes in the context of the heightened public distrust which followed the devastation of the March 11 tsunami and especially the ensuing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

[新月研究所ブログ (Shingetsu Kenkyujo Blog, Shingetsu News Agency), Kan Cabinet Adopts Internet Censorship Policy, 4/20/2100]

Apparently, pressed by the USA according to the article, the Japanese government has contemplated putting this Internet censorship in place for some time. The Fukushima disaster presented them with the occasion to implement this policy along with a program under which data on private individuals will be gathered and stored without their knowledge.

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What Japan is doing is putting the Fox in charge of finding out which chickens are spreading rumors that the Fox ate the chickens. We of course all know what the penalty for getting caught is.

And one more thing, the best way to combat harmful gossip is with the "Truth". People going around trying to put a stop to gossip are hiding something.

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