Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Follow this: an electric car in Hawaii will contribute to mass starvation, if Oxfam is right

by Larry Geller

Hawaii generates 20% of its electricity from coal. Yes, coal. We contribute to global warming. When our Leaf and Volt electric cars are plugged in, each of them will contribute to global warming. Juan Cole points out that continued carbon emissions amount to mass murder:

Oxfam has just issued a warning that food staples will likely double in price by 2030, in part because of climate change. A billion people in the world go hungry already, and spend 80% of their income on food. If the world envisaged by Oxfam materializes, obviously there is the potential of widespread starvation.

The Big Oil and Big Coal executives attempting to stop efforts to reduce emissions are thus in effect mass murderers of a future generation.

[Informed Comment, Carbon Emissions Record, Food to Double in Price, 5/21/2011]
Cole also includes a short video clip on his site. Here it is. Click the little thingy at the lower right for full screen.

Cole also points out that the FBI is busy raiding environmentalist organizations, but the real criminals are the energy barons contributing to global warming.

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I see your point where electric automobiles can increase carbon emissions if the main source of electricity is from carbon based sources. I believe looking forward the plan is to replace a significant amount of the electricity we use with renewable energy sources. The move to electric vechicles will be a slow one because we currently don't have the infrastructure for them. It will happen in time and we may as well begin that slow process now.

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