Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Blatant Opportunism

By Henry Curtis

Life of the Land’s requests that the Public Utilities Commission deny HECO’s move to bypass due process

On May 9, 2011 HECO filed 5 public documents (1334 pages) and 4 confidential documents (943 pages) in Docket 2009-0162. The docket was closed over a year ago, on December 11, 2009.

Also on May 9, 2011 the Commission sent a letter to Isaac Hall, Esq., attorney for Friends of Lanai, regarding Docket 2009-0327. The Commission noted that a “motion in this regard would be untimely, as the 2009-0327 docket is closed.”

HECO’s filing sought to answer the Commission Decision and Order issued December 11, 2009 in which the Commission stated: “Are there viable alternatives to Big Wind for meeting the State's Renewable Portfolio Standards, HRS § 269-92”

HECO’s letter states: “The results of the analysis indicate that Hawaii's interisland ‘Big Wind’ resource is a reasonable and cost competitive alternative relative to other renewable resources that could be used to meet the required RPS goals [] With this new knowledge, the Company is now positioned to proceed with ‘nextstep’ activities such as the development of a refined wind project scope (e.g., inclusion of appropriate performance requirements that effectively utilize local wind turbine ramp control and transient response capability) and updated energy pricing by the wind project”

HECO is requesting over $3M of ratepayer money for jumping ahead of the Environmental Impact Statement process, jumping ahead of the Integrated Resource Planning (IEP) process, jumping ahead of a PUC ruling on the reasonableness of the Big Wind, and jumping ahead of known future intervenors in regulatory proceedings in order to get the State to concur with the utility that Big Wind is the only solution.

Life of the Land firmly opposes this blatant violation of common sense.

Henry Curtis
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Thank you for overseeing and reporting. (Henry and Larry)
Having a similar ʻsecrecyʻ issue with KIUC on Kauai.

Iʻm hoping to see some change in the rubber stamp sloppiness of the PUC now that Mina Morita is on board. But, who knows anymore.

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