Friday, April 22, 2011


Hawaii’s Dept. of Health gets its @#% in gear and takes ground water sample for radiation testing

by Larry Geller

In today’s breaking news on the Star-Advertiser page: Big Island groundwater tested for radiation (4/22/2011).

Hey! It’s about time our Department of Health gets excited about this radiation thing. It’s been more than a month. Let’s see… on March 15 there was a hydrogen explosion at the reactor site with massive release of radiation. The EPA has already tested Hawaii’s water and milk and reported the results.

The headline is misleading anyway. The groundwater has not been tested. They just took a sample, The article says both that they sent the samples away and that they will send the samples away for testing. It says that the results may come back in a week or early next month.

Now, Hawaii has a reputation for being laid back, but should we be paying our Department of Health to lay back on the job?

.Previous newspaper articles reporting radiation levels in milk and rainwater were the result of federal EPA, not state DOH, measurements.

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I truly want to believe they've improved, but I can't help remembering several years ago, when residents monitors recorded "spikes" of radiation the state health dept. said it was from bananas. On, (barren lava) Pohakuloa? Uh-huh...
No man made radiation is good radiation - except maybe medical.
I tend to think Fukushima, (and other leaking reactors worldwide) radiation is like the lottery; spread out among many, some, (and their future DNA) will win cancer by accumulation. "Bullet proof" your immune system, just in case.

Larry you have to understand these are austere times and the radiation that comes here from Japan will only kill a few people ten, twenty or maybe thirty years down the road. By that time the next nuclear reactor disaster will come about and we will completely forget about this disaster. While this is akin to putting a hammer to your right foot so you will forget about the pain in your left foot, it works.

Quite likely the levels of radiation are low. But there's also a trust issue for me. And yes, it is like a lottery, with deaths guaranteed, but just not anyone we might know.

Thanks for your comments.

No radiation is good, man made or not. There is no safe level of radiation.

Check this link for a disturbing report from a nuclear expert, hidden deep in the data of the government, shows substantial uranium in air filter testing in Hawaii.

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