Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Follow the labor revolution on Twitter—it won’t be televised

by Larry Geller

Just as the mid-East revolution started in Tunisia and Egypt, there is activity in this country as well. No surprise, it started in Wisconsin. Today, there’s action in Michigan. Reports are that about 10,000 people are assembling for a labor rally this evening.

Here’s a snip from the Working Michigan Facebook page:

We are the people

They’re protesting Michigan budget cuts,taxes on poor and seniors, reduction in business taxes, and more. What a great example for the rest of us.

For sure, labor news seldom gets into the newspaper or on TV. Labor is beginning to tweet. Labor has Facebook pages. You can tune in. No need to depend on corporatized media, or NPR or PBS for labor news. You won’t get it, they won’t do it unless it slaps them in the face.

And labor seems to be a great example of disappeared news. I’ll have to pay more attention myself. I’m just discovering the good tweets now.

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We have just had a bunch of big box stores and fast food places open up here. I don't know what kind of guts an organizer would have to have to unionize those places.

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