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“Citizens United” was only the beginning of the slaughter, check out this essay in the Progressive Review

…if the Ryan budget plan were to pass, it would be perhaps the greatest political assault on the federal government since the South seceded. It's aim is to weaken government in every form possible as quickly as possible, reversing 80 years of American political progress. The sole beneficiaries would be the ultra wealthy - whether as individuals or as institutions with LLC and Inc after their name.

In fact, such legislation would also be an act of reckless and willful manslaughter since it would inevitably result in the deaths of thousands of Americans stripped of needed support.

While manslaughter is not a legally defined criminal offense as long as it's carried out as a legislative act, what the House Republicans are doing such be regarded in every other regard as crime rather than politics. They are simply serving as the Mafia hit men for America's hyper elite.

by Larry Geller

No one says it as straight as Sam Smith, writing on his website, the Progressive Review. The above was snipped from the middle of this powerful essay, which begins:

Raw Story reports that "a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Monday that 76 percent of Americans consider it unacceptable to cut Medicare, while 67 oppose cutting Medicaid, despite their deficit concerns."

On Tuesday, the pluto pimps of the House GOP proposed a budget plan drastically cutting both Medicare and Medicaid.

Why would they take on two-thirds to three-quarters of the public on such issues? Simply because under the new rules of the game, in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on campaign financing, the public no longer matters that much.

The archaic media will continue to play this as an ideological matter, but it is not. The goal of the House Republicans is not fiscal conservativism but governmental elimination in as many forms as possible in order to satisfy its major campaign contributors. If they felt they could get away with attempting to abolish anti-trust, product liability and environmental limits on industrial pollution, they would add them to their list.

[Progressive Review, Morning Line: The Mafia in the House, 4/5/2011]

Enough snipping. Please click the link and read the entire article.

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Apparently you and this gent don't understand what borrowing FOUR BILLION A DAY means. It means if we don't stop, nothing will be funded. In March, our government spent EIGHTFOLD its revenue. Everything needs to be cut - entitlements, defense, liberal programs, conservative programs - everything. We are living beyond our means. If we don't fix it, we'll have nothing to spend, not even borrowed money, because no one will lend to us.

This is of course crazy talk from the clueless tea party. While Republicans give tax breaks to the uber rich and transnational corporations which increases the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars a year, invade two countries which will add an estimated $3 trillion dollars to the national debt and give subsidies to drug companies, oil companies, the nuclear industry, the big ag industry etc. which again adds tens of billions to the deficit they want to reduce teachers salaries and privatize medicare to pay for all those things. And we aren't even talking about the corporate welfare defense industry which garners hundreds of billions a year in tax payers money. The "We Are Spending Too Much" mantra was developed by rich conservatives and repeated by Fox News to fool low information voters. The attack on lower and higher education by conservatives is to keep the American public as dumb as possible so we don't question their policies. Sorry got carried away, but a mind is such a terrible thing to waste.

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