Thursday, April 21, 2011


Best coverage of EEOC human trafficking lawsuit back story

by Larry Geller

There is more to the EEOC lawsuit against six Hawaii farms, two Washington State farms and the Global Horizons firm. You can get a hint of the background issues from the end of today’s Star-Bulletin story.

For the full details, check out Malia Zimmerman’s excellent article, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Files Lawsuit in Thai Human Trafficking Case, but Defendants, Attorneys Question Timing, Motives (4/21/2011).

Malia has consistently written the best and most detailed coverage of this growing shame for Hawaii. Google for her other articles.

The story, meanwhile is everywhere. I reported on it for Free Speech Radio News,  It has been covered by Al Jazeera. CNN even tried. And indeed it is shameful for our “aloha” state to be singled out for the largest cases of exploitation of farm workers in US history. Apparently the “aloha” is not evenly distributed.

The background controversies in this case—why the EEOC took so long to file the suit, whether they failed to take action on many individual complaints, and whether they had permission to use complainant’s names in their lawsuit—are just beginning to be explored.


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