Wednesday, March 23, 2011


SB671 hottest Hawaii news since Superferry (almost)

by Larry Geller

There’s even a video post of today’s House Judiciary hearing on an Italian website! That was fast.

The state legislature’s attempt to grab free meals and endless junkets has made news in Hawaii and even on the Mainland. It’s not quite as hot as the Superferry stories, but hot enough to get attention. Check out some of the coverage below.

In Hawaii, articles have appeared here and on several other websites including, VolcanicAsh, Hawaii Reporter, Hawaii Independent, Civil Beat, Kanu Hawaii, Maui Tomorrow, and in newspapers including of course the Star-Advertiser. I’m sure I’ve left some out.

These articles get picked up around the country, and even on some international websites. They can read about this awful bill in Italy! It’s been tweeted in Korea.

A quick Google search reveals:

USA Today

USA Today


Long Island Newsday

Newsday1 Newsday2


The website Family Vacation even covered it:

Family Vacations


Here’s the website MSG from New York:



The Press Enterprise, wherever they are:



Here are a few international websites:

The London Times (!)”

London Times


The Italian website with the video:



A website of the India Times:

India Times


Finally, in Korea, both a Twitter and Facebook site reflect posts made in HawaiiL



Facebook - Korea

There were a few others I couldn’t figure out.

Now, just watch the coverage if the legislature passes this bill and the gov signs it!

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