Friday, March 04, 2011


Rumors confirmed: Gov. Abercrombie dismisses OIP director after ruling the gov didn’t like

by Larry Geller

Ian Lind has the story: OIP director dismissed by Abercrombie administration (3.4.2011)

The Star-Advertiser breaking news article has a different version, calling director Cathy Takase’s dismissal a simple replacement : Official who called for disclosure of judge nominees being replaced, (3/4/2011).

What’s common between the two accounts is that Takase ruled that Abercrombie must release the names of judicial nominees now that  Sabrina McKenna has been confirmed to the Hawaii Supreme Court. The Governor obviously doesn’t agree and has not yet done so.

Was there a connection between the director’s ruling and her dismissal? You be the judge.

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Can I assume that Cathy Takase was not appointed to be the OIP interim director by Abercrombie and was a hold over from the Lingle Administration? Was it Abercrombie's intention to keep Takase or was she to be replaced all along? This story could be nothing at all or it could be a reflection of Abercrombie's leadership style. Hard to tell from the above two articles.

Bully politics that what it is. The administration had no interest in OIP until the letter that Takase wrote. To be clear, she based her letter about the judicial nominations on an opinion in 2003 by Les Kondo. This is not about "nothing". The OIP isn't even liste on the Lt. Gov. website as it did with the Lingle admin.

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