Friday, March 11, 2011


Obama’s dilemma: How to keep the oil flowing?

by Larry Geller

The United States doesn’t care about democracy in the Mid-East except for its effect on the oil spigot. This country supports the dictators who oppress and murder their own people as long as the energy supply keeps flowing.

Now the whole thing is in turmoil, thanks to pesky people demanding control of their own governments. And with this uncertainty comes the possibility of one after another oil-supplying country falling into democratic hands. What a dilemma.

For example, should Obama support Gadhafi or the opposing forces? The question of a US/NATO enforcement of a no-fly zone, sure to be seen as an unwanted intervention in the Mid-East by allies and foes alike, depends in part on whether Gadhafi is supposed to win or lose. One day it looks like he’s cornered and will be deposed within hours. So he gets his assets frozen. The next moment it looks like he is winning back territory. If he’s going to win, we don’t want to attack him to establish a no-fly zone, just let him win.

Oh, so complicated. Just as Hillary Clinton is starting to spout words of support for Democracy, Obama’s own director of national intelligence says Gadhafi will win.

Here are two cartoons penned by genius cartoonist Carlos Latuff:

Obama-oil sniff

© 2011 Carlos Latuff (reproduced with permission)



© 2011 Carlos Latuff (reproduced with permission)

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