Thursday, March 24, 2011


Cynthia Oi pegs SB671 as legislators teetering on the brink of prostitution

If a legislator attends an event, the hosts can use the legislator’s presence to lure others to pay up. No doubt many business and industry representatives, lobbyists and the like would shell out for a chance to glad-hand and chat up politicians in an attempt to win them over. That elected officials would let themselves be used this way teeters on the brink of prostitution.
Lawmakers have framed the measure around charitable groups and nonprofit organizations, which conveys a benign character when many such groups are merely the arms of a for-profit or industry body.

If the bill becomes law, it delivers another way for moneyed and special interests to expand their influence, just as campaign contributions can push power from the people.

[Star-Advertiser, Looser ethics bill for legislators will make influence-peddling easier, 3/24/2011]

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