Thursday, February 17, 2011


Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, Wisconsin—and now Ohio

Demonstrations against bills to restrict public employees’ collective-bargaining rights spilled from Wisconsin into Ohio in what union leaders said was becoming a national fight.

In Madison, Wisconsin, crowds police estimated at 25,000 engulfed the Capitol and its lawns during a third day of protests as Democratic state senators boycotted the legislative session. In Columbus, Ohio, about 3,800 state workers, teachers and other public employees came to the statehouse.

[Bloomberg, Public Employee Protests Spread From Wisconsin to Ohio, 2/17/2011]

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Exciting developments!

Don't forget, Puerto Rican students, too!

The Puerto Rican students were protesting even before Egypt. Good coverage on Democracy Now, including recent update (yesterday?).

The American Revolution is beginning. The people are awakening to the fact that neither party is representative of "we the people".

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