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Testimony needed on billion dollar undersea cable bills

Henry Curtis circulated this email requesting testimony on the Lanai windfarm/undersea cable bill. I think he explains the reasons why this is a bad idea for all except those who intend to make crazy big profits from it:

Please submit testimony in opposition to SB 367 SD1 and HB 1176 HD1
Testimony must be submitted by tomorrow

Submit your comments at

Should Hawai`i build a high voltage undersea electric transmission line between O`ahu, Lana`i, Moloka`i and Maui?
Should ratepayers finance the $B cable even if it is not needed and not necessary?
Should Hawai`i enact the proposed Cable Legislation WHICH assigns all the RISK to the ratepayers?
Should the State plan who will own the cable BEFORE the EIS has been completed?
Should Lana`i and Moloka`i get 100-250 wind towers each 400 feet tall (a 100 feet longer than a football field)?
The State says that O`ahu does have enough sun, wind, rain, and waves to produce its own renewable energy and has therefore EXCLUDED this as an option for analysis in the EIS.
The proposed project would require modernization (upgrading) of harbors on Lana`i and Moloka`i and expansion of their “highways” to handle large wind components. Expansion of Harbors & Highways and the resulting urbanization of these islands are not discussed in the EIS Prep Notice.
Public hearings were held on Lana`i and Moloka`i: “Lanai residents turned out Saturday to express strong opposition to bringing "big wind" to their island” (Maui News, Feb 6, 2011).

“If the community members attending last night’s public scoping meeting have anything to say about it, undersea transmission cables will never carry wind-generated electricity from Molokai to Oahu. Those offering public comment at the Mitchell Pau’ole Center gave a resounding “no” to the proposal known as the Hawaii Interisland Renewable Energy Program (HIREP). With the unanimous rejection of this project”

Molokai News, Feb 4, 2011)


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molokai and lanai residents turn out and oppose everything. i highly doubt that infrastructure upgrades on lanai will create urbanization since lack of infrastructure is not a present a barrier to urbanization -- same on molokai.

this project may be a bad idea but those reasons are really serious points.

also, i'm curious to know your thoughts on this other point that seems to be raised by some molokai and lanai people that somehow it is morally wrong to have molokai or lanai generate energy for maui or oahu. as though sharing of resources (both ways) somehow becomes immoral if it involves energy generation. perhaps 200 towers is too much, but i'd like to know your thoughts about that underlying argument in general.

I hadn't thought of it as a moral argument, but that is a good one. Wind power meets with opposition on Oahu (as elsewhere), so is it ok to inflict it on those who live on the Neighbor Islands?

Let me say that you've raised an important issue. I think it's worth discussion, and I tend to agree with it, having said though that I hadn't thought of it that way prior to your comment.

How to start discussion on this??

Thank you for your comment, I'll do a separate post on it later today (trying to get in gear to go over to the lege and testify this morning).

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