Thursday, February 10, 2011


Obama’s waffling on Egypt may be related to torture deals

by Larry Geller

We’ve pointed out that not only has Obama not closed Guantanamo as promised, there’s nothing to indicate that he has stopped torture.

WMR [Wayne Madsen Report] has learned from a well-informed political insider that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have waffled on support for Egypt’s pro-democracy revolution in order to safeguard a covert U.S.-Egyptian rendition and torture program that dates back to the Clinton administration. In fact, Clinton’s Deputy Attorney General, Eric Holder, now Obama’s Attorney General, was the first Department of Justice official to write a legal brief authorizing the rendition of alleged terrorists from third countries by the CIA to Egypt for purposes of interrogation and torture.

In July 1998, Holder signed off on the transport of two members of the Egyptian Jihad, captured by Albanian security forces in Albania, to Cairo by the CIA on a chartered extraordinary rendition aircraft. The Egyptians were tortured and executed.

Egyptian torture methods included hanging prisoners by all four limbs and placing electric nodules on their genitals, nipples, and feet. The CIA paid Egypt handsomely to carry out the torture program.

[, Obama’s gambit: Holding Egypt for Holder, 2/6/2011]

There’s much more in the article, including this:

The man who ran Egypt’s torture program on behalf of the CIA was Omar Suleiman, the feared head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate (EGID), who was named by President Hosni Mubarak as Vice President after the popular rebellion against Mubarak’s regime swept Egypt. Suleiman was a recipient of large cash payments from the CIA for EGID’s torture of prisoners delivered to Egypt by the CIA under both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. Suleiman also maintained close contacts with Mossad on issues dealing with Palestine and Syria.

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Well if you are going to play in a pig pen expect to get slop on your suit. Anyway I thought it has been long established by the FBI that torture doesn't work.

Sure it works, if what you want is a confession out of someone, for example. Or to intimidate a population or group. Or as a reward for sadistic killers.

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